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As many of you know, we are involved in ongoing litigation with our former church, Celebration Church of Jacksonville. That dispute is playing itself out publicly in court because we were defamed publicly on Celebration Church’s website, after we had already parted ways with the church we founded over two decades ago.

We took appropriate legal action to bring order to what was a very chaotic and lawless situation and begin to “do justice” as scripture says (Exodus 23:1-3 and 6-8: Malachi 6:8) by holding people accountable for their actions. Our lawsuit, which can be found here, explains in detail how and why a so-called “investigative report” posted on Celebration Church’s website is false and defamatory.  If anyone has questions about what happened to us, our lawsuit is the best place to find the truth.

Some people have asked why we are proceeding through the courts to resolve this dispute. One reason is simple: our adversaries attacked us publicly by falsely accusing us of violating secular laws and should therefore have to answer publicly for the consequences of their actions. This is not a simple dispute between believers that ordinarily would be resolved as envisioned in 1 Corinthians 6.

One would think that after posting such serious accusations about us on it's website, Celebration Church would be eager to back them up publicly as well. However, it does not want the truth tested in the light and, despite casting the first stone, is fighting in court to keep the truth hidden behind the secrecy of ecclesiastical arbitration. Hopefully, you can see why we believe this legal maneuvering is unfair and unjust.

We anticipate that the legal battle over Celebration Church’s attempt to force our claims to be arbitrated in secrecy will be long, drawn out, and possibly involve appeals. However, we will not waiver in our commitment to the truth and justice, and we have faith that we will eventually be able to make our accusers stand trial to answer for their actions.

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