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This is the Official Page
for Stovall & Kerri Weems.

Stovall and Kerri Weems are the founders of Awakening Ecclesia, Celebration Church of Jacksonville, Celebration Global and several other churches and ministries in the US and around the world. They have been serving the Lord Jesus and ministering the gospel faithfully for over 30 years.  

Since Stovall’s life altering encounter with the Lord on Passover of 2018, their focus is now helping believers to grow in their knowledge of the risen King Jesus, and preparing the church for the age to come. This encounter and its mission, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, was the catalyst for the birthing of this "new wineskin" ministry: AWAKENING ECCLESIA.

Stovall and Kerri live in Jacksonville, Florida. They are the proud parents of their three children Kaylan, Stovie and Annabelle.

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